Curriculum (Series)

Zigbee 100 - Software Boot Camp

The Zigbee Software Boot Camp is a one-day training that helps beginners quickly ramp up, building a strong Zigbee foundation through a workshop format.


The following boot camp is focused on providing a hands-on experience on the development of IoT technologies with the Silicon Labs EmberZNet Stack and Simplicity Studio IDE. We will give a brief introduction of Zigbee and then you can expect to work through a series of workshops to develop your own Zigbee network. You will also have the ability to reference other Silicon Labs documentation for more detailed learning.

By the end of the hands-on tutorials you will know how to use the Simplicity Studio IDE to build, customize, and implement applications that utilize Zigbee.

We have prepared a series of hands-on modules to implement the Zigbee protocol and familiarize you with Simplicity Studio v5. Each module builds on the former module so we strongly recommend completing these in order.

Knowledge Level:



Installation of Simplicity Studio

*QSG-180: Zigbee EmberZNet Quick Start Guide

Hardware Required:

Any of the following kits

*QSG-180 is designed for developers who are new to Zigbee EmberZNet and the Silicon Labs development hardware. It provides basic information on configuring, building, and installing applications for the EFR32MG family of SoCs. Completing QSG-180 prior to the Zigbee Boot Camp is recommended.

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