Touch and Go: Easily Add Capacitive Sense to Just About Anything

by Mark Beecham

Adding Capacitive Sense Screens to Just About Everything

From light switches to washing machines, developers are adding capacitive sense controls to hundreds of devices that benefit from improved long-term reliability and a sleek, low-profile, customized interface. But the capacitive sensing technology behind this growing trend can be a design challenge for even senior developers. So why add it? 

Why Add Touch Sense?

Touch sense screens are sexy, but they're more than just a pretty interface.Because there are no moving buttons, rockers, or knobs in a touch sense screen there are no moving parts to break, and therefore there are lower maintenance costs. This increased reliability and lower cost drives almost instant benefits since maintenance calls can be extremely expensive. This is pushing touch control into many devices, from white goods to industrial controls to home automation.

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