Six Hidden Costs in a 99 Cent Wireless SoC

Considerations when choosing between a wireless module and a wireless SoC

There are two main options to consider when adding Bluetooth to your application:

Option 1: Use a wireless system-on-a-chip (SoC) on the product printed circuit board (PCB). It's small and cheaper than a wireless module. But designing with it may be costly.
Option 2: Use a wireless module with Option 1’s SoC inside. A majority of the design is already done including a fully-characterized PCB with RF optimization and antenna layout, shielding, timing components (crystals), external bill of materials (BOM), regulatory approvals, and standards certifications. But they are generally more expensive and larger than the SoC.

Silicon Labs Announces Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Smart Module and SoC

  • Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart BMG113 module pricing = $3.07 in 100,000 unit quantities
  • Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart SoC pricing = $0.99 in 100,000 unit quantities
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