The Right Level of Security for your IoT Application

Many of the things we use on a daily basis are becoming smart and connected. The Internet of Things, or IoT,  is designed to help improve our lives by driving and tracking our personal goals that could include fitness,  waste reduction, or productivity. The IoT has also facilitated new subscription business models for corporations such as those that provide streaming television, or music dialed into our personal tastes, or those that provide replacement consumables such as water and air filters. Many embedded developers realize the potential benefits of the IoT and are actively developing various applications to simplify our lives and grow corporate revenues.

However, along with these benefits come risks. No one wants to design an application that’s vulnerable to hacking or data theft – the loss of customer and/or company data often results in huge financial consequences. Undesirable events like high-profile hacks can lead to serious brand damage and loss of customer trust, and worst-case events can slow down or permanently reduce the adoption of IoT.

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