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BG24 Enables State-of-the-Art RTLS Solutions for CoreHW


CoreHW: Revolutionizing RTLS

CoreHW, a Finnish fabless semiconductor company, specializes in developing solutions that enable precise locationing and tracking for assets and personnel in the healthcare, hospitality, retail and logistics sectors. Their innovative CoreTag and CoreLocator products, with CoreHW’s patented Gen4 antenna technology, provide a turnkey hardware solution that enables real-time location services (RTLS) with industry-leading precision, down to +/- four inches accuracy. With the BG24 Bluetooth LE SoC inside, the CoreTag boasts a battery life of up to 10 years, and the CoreLocator enables the fusion of AoA and Channel Sounding technology, making it possible to build single-locator RTLS applications.

In addition to their innovative hardware components, CoreHW’s solutions are integrated with RTLS core software from Unikie, providing essential APIs and flexible software functionality for setting up and managing RTLS systems throughout their lifecycle. The software enables RTLS vendors to provision and update tags, access real-time tag positions, and manage full-scale enterprise deployments. Additionally, the software facilitates seamless integration of Bluetooth LE technology into existing or new multi-technology RTLS systems or other enterprise solutions incorporating accurate real-time tag data.

BG24: Low Power, Long Life with support For Bluetooth® AoA and Channel Sounding

With robust processing power and memory capacity, Silicon Labs’ EFR32BG24 meets the demands of complex RTLS applications while also enabling future functionality requirements. BG24 is designed for battery-powered devices that need to operate for extended periods of time without frequent charging. Through its support of Bluetooth Direction Finding features, including Angle of Arrival and Channel Sounding techniques, BG24 can determine the direction and distance of incoming signals from multiple antennas, allowing for precise locationing of devices. Additionally, BG24 leverages industry-leading security features through Secure Vault™ to ensure user security and preservation of data integrity within RTLS systems.

After evaluating a variety of SoC options, CoreHW ultimately chose the BG24 due its robust AoA and CS capabilities, combined with low-power efficiency, and cutting-edge security technology. BG24 allows CoreHW’s innovative solutions to operate securely for several years on a coin-cell battery, while also providing the flexibility to integrate additional functionality into future products.

The Challenge

Develop complete locationing solutions that offer real-time pinpoint positioning with low latency, seamless scalability, reduced costs and complexity, and enhanced flexibility for supporting diverse tracking needs.

The Solution

Ideal for low-power battery-operated devices, the BG24 Bluetooth® LE SoC delivers low energy consumption, superior radio performance, and cutting edge security features, as well as support for Bluetooth Direction finding using Angle of Arrival (AoA), Angle of Departure (AoD) and Channel Sounding (CS) for precise direction finding and distance measurement.

The Result

CoreHW has created breakthrough RTLS technology that provides positioning accuracy with industry-leading precision, while simultaneously enabling new use cases with lower overhead costs. Combining both Bluetooth AoA and CS technologies allows the CoreHW solution to support full-scale AoA deployments for the ultimate in position accuracy, but also support single-locator applications which don’t rely on multiple locators for triangulation and trilateration. With the fusion of AoA for direction and CS for ranging, the CoreHW single-locator solution provides their customers with another flexible, lower overhead option to accurately pinpoint the location of assets.

We saw that the BG24 is the best choice for us…One clear benefit of BG24 is that it can support our future products as well. I really believe that it is the best choice, clearly, compared to other competitors in the industry

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