Build The Skills to Create Impactful Connected Devices at Works With 2022

08/16/2022 | Silicon Labs | 3 Min Read

Works With, now in its third year, has emerged as a can’t-miss event for developers interested in building the skills needed to create impactful connected devices. This year’s event builds on this with more than 75 technical sessions and 10 hands-on workshops across three days – we’ve added an extra day this year to provide attendees more opportunities to catch the sessions they’re interested in. 

The depth of technical content this year, coupled with a roster of more than 150 industry leaders participating in panels, sessions, and keynotes, makes Works With 2022 the most ambitious yet. 


Technology-Specific Tracks for IoT Developer Training

Works With 2022 features tracks specific to the technologies shaping the IoT, including Matter, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-SUN, and more. Select tracks include sessions and workshops focused on current or emerging topics. For example, the Matter track focuses on the path to a more unified IoT, and we’ve partnered with global brands to share the latest developments in smart homes and provide in-depth training on how to design, build, and innovate on new products that unlock the power of Matter + any ecosystem, including Amazon Alexa, Amazon Sidewalk, and Google Home. 

There’s also a track dedicated to Amazon Sidewalk, which will explore the design considerations that come with low-bandwidth, long-range connectivity to increase the usefulness of smart home devices beyond the front door. Courses and sessions, including SW-201 Hardware Design Considerations for Amazon Sidewalk, cover how to work with Amazon Sidewalk’s architecture and infrastructure, including its use of Bluetooth LE, CSS, and FSK radio protocols. 



A dedicated Wi-Fi track covers topics ranging from overcoming coexistence challenges to finding the right balance between product responsiveness and battery life. Wi-Fi is still the quickest way to connect devices to the internet, and through these developer-led courses, attendees will learn to integrate Wi-Fi into their applications while designing for power and security requirements as well as navigating emerging certification standards. 


Works With 2022 will feature technical courses for commissioning devices, deploying location services, integrating low-power Bluetooth connectivity for real-time locating services, energy conversion and storage, integrating into healthcare facilities and medical devices, and more.


Matter features heavily in this year's Works With agenda, with a wide range of sessions for developers and engineers interested in building devices for a more unified IoT. Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung SmartThings, and other tech leaders share their insights and vision for the future of the smart home and provide in-depth training on how to design, build, and innovate on new products that unlock the power of Matter. 



Keynotes from a Who's Who in IoT

In addition to more than 75 technical sessions and 10 hands-on workshops led by more than 150 technology leaders, this year’s conference will also feature keynotes from some of the most influential voices in IoT.

The Works With 2022 keynote line-up includes:

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