Now Available: Silicon Labs' Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk Development

03/28/2023 | Silicon Labs | 3 Min Read

Silicon Labs today announced the availability of its Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk, which has been developed to simplify the development process, reduce costs, and accelerate time to revenue for Amazon Sidewalk devices. 

Amazon Sidewalk is a secure, low-bandwidth, long-range wireless network that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (LE), and 900MHz networks to create shared wireless networks connecting IoT devices at home and beyond the front door, across the entire neighborhood, and even the city. In addition to extending connectivity, Amazon Sidewalk can be used by IoT applications to deliver end-users convenience while opening up new possibilities for device manufacturers. Silicon Labs’ Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk can accelerate the development of Amazon Sidewalk devices by making it possible for manufacturers to focus more of their resources on innovation and less on testing and integration.

One-Stop Resource for Amazon Sidewalk Development

As one of Amazon Sidewalk’s qualified hardware partners for developing Amazon Sidewalk devices, the Pro Kit provides all the necessary tools for developing high-volume, scalable IoT applications. It’s also designed to support the development of wireless IoT-based devices on Bluetooth and sub-GHz wireless protocols for Amazon Sidewalk. The Pro Kit includes a KG100S radio board that provides a complete reference design to support Bluetooth, FSK, and CSS protocols used in Amazon Sidewalk. It also includes a BG24 radio board and FSK/CSS adapter board for customers who want a discrete design. The Pro Kit main board contains an onboard J-Link debugger with a packet trace interface and a virtual COM port, enabling application development and debugging of the attached radio board as well as external hardware through an expansion header.  

This new Pro Kit is optimized for the best out-of-box experience by providing a complete solution that comes pre-programmed with Amazon Sidewalk firmware and gets instantly and securely connected to AWS in a few minutes as soon as it is plugged in, without the need to download an app or manually provision it. 

Amazon Sidewalk uses Amazon Sidewalk Bridges, such as compatible Amazon Echo and Ring devices, to provide cloud connectivity for a wide range of IoT devices including use cases like utility meters, appliances, and consumer devices. Having more Amazon Sidewalk Bridges in an area can increase the effectiveness of the network. When the infrastructure expands, the Bridges form a distributed network allowing devices to connect and send data to any Bridge in range instead of being limited to one specific Bridge. Amazon Sidewalk Bridges pick up the message from the compatible device and route it through the AWS cloud to the user with multiple layers of encryption. 

Start Your Amazon Sidewalk Development Journey with Silicon Labs

Silicon Labs provides IoT device makers the most complete, one-stop-shop, wireless development solution for Amazon Sidewalk. Let our ecosystem experts help you navigate the development journey, from concept to execution, with our Amazon Sidewalk SDK, hardware, and development kits. 

To make your Amazon Sidewalk development journey as streamlined as possible, reference our detailed, step-by-step process that guides users through the entire process, from choosing the right SoC to prototyping, developing, and even deploying your end devices. 

Slash Set-Up and Configuration Time of Your Amazon Sidewalk Device with Simplicity Studio

There’s no shortage of development environments available, but Simplicity Studio stands out from the crowd by offering close integration with IDE (default options) and Silicon Labs sample app repositories. Using a third-party tool would require setting up your development environment manually. Simplicity Studio also supports project generation for IAR and Keil, as well as support for Visual Studio IDE. 

Once you’ve plugged in your Pro Kit, Simplicity Studio will automatically recognize the ecosystem boards you’ve purchased and filter out sample apps that are not applicable. Simplicity Studio links directly to the private GitHub repositories. In fact, from unboxing the Pro Kit to building and running code on your project will take less than a minute. 

Silicon Labs is Helping New Cosmos USA Develop Residential Gas Detection System for Amazon Sidewalk

Founded in 1934, New Cosmos Electric Co., Ltd. has been a pioneer in sensor technology that protects users from dangerous gas leaks. Silicon Labs has been working with the company on its DeNova Detect 807NAS natural gas alarm. Amazon Sidewalk makes it possible for the new alarm to bring reliable, long-range, low-bandwidth coverage, and extended battery life to consumers so they can stay connected and stay safe. You can learn more about this collaboration with New Cosmos and Oxit, an IoT design services company, by reading our case study.

Learn more about the Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk here, and launch your development journey here. And if you missed our recent Tech Talk, Getting Started with Amazon Sidewalk, you can still view it on demand. This was part of our LPWAN Tech Talk series that will be running throughout 2023. 

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