New Solution from Silicon Labs streamlines the Amazon Sidewalk developer journey

09/13/2022 | Jake Wood | 1 Min Read

At today’s Works With Developer Conference the theme is all about building devices that work together in the ever-expanding Internet of Things, and bridging the gaps of connectivity between different networks, protocols, ecosystems, and platforms. And while some technologies, like Matter, offer the potential to address that challenge within the home, what about connectivity beyond the four walls of a particular building? That’s where Amazon Sidewalk comes in.

For those unfamiliar, Amazon Sidewalk is a secure, always-on, community network underpinned by millions of Amazon Sidewalk-enabled devices already in homes, commercial buildings, and the infrastructure around us. This will help to provide enhanced connectivity that is more affordable and uses less energy than cellular, and offers greater range than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

From small, in-home services like locating a misplaced garage door opener or extending connectivity to yards and neighborhoods to big applications like early alerting for wildfires or water quality monitoring, Amazon Sidewalk is working behind the scenes to enable helpful, intelligent innovations that were never before possible. That’s the promise of Amazon Sidewalk for users, and Silicon Labs is here to help developers design Sidewalk-enabled devices to fulfill that promise.

Today’s announcement of the Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk, the first end-to-end Amazon Sidewalk development platform on the market, represents an easy on-ramp for developers to build Amazon Sidewalk-enabled devices. For developers and designers, Amazon Sidewalk offers:

  • A private, secure, and versatile connection that supports long-range use cases 
  • A reliable and persistent network that gets stronger with each new device that joins, helping to expand coverage and enhance connectivity for endpoint devices for developers and end users 
  • A streamlined process to get to market faster thanks to the Silicon Labs and Amazon collaboration

The new Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk makes Silicon Labs the one-stop destination for Amazon Sidewalk developers. The Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk comes with a pre-flashed software image, Amazon Web Services pre-registration, connectivity hardware for Bluetooth LE and sub-GHz, and Silicon Labs Secure Vault™ security. When combined with Silicon Labs Simplicity Studio, developers have everything they need to embark on their Amazon Sidewalk development journey. Silicon Labs provides developers with tools and support from start to finish so there is little need to engage Amazon support, saving developers valuable time in setup and onboarding as they advance.

The new Silicon Labs Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk is anticipated to be available in the first half of 2023. To learn more about Amazon Sidewalk and get started now, visit our Amazon Sidewalk page to apply for the Silicon Labs Early Engagement Program

You can also watch our sessions on Amazon Sidewalk at Works With. It is free to attend and register for:

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Jake Wood
Jake Wood
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