Silicon Labs New Matter Development Platform Simplifies the IoT Ecosystem

09/13/2022 | Rob Alexander | 2 Min Read

By 2025, we can expect nearly 27 billion connected IoT devices worldwide. Many of those will be smart home products, however currently those products are in varied ecosystems and may be unable to communicate with others, which poses a challenge for consumers looking for products that work with their existing smart home configuration and creates considerable hurdles for developers working to get products to market.

The Matter standard is an answer to that challenge, and will be a major driver of growth that helps usher in a new era of IoT connectivity. Matter’s release in the fall of 2022 will tear down the boundaries between smart home ecosystems, making smart home connections seamless and giving consumers more product options than ever before.

At Silicon Labs, we have been highly invested in Matter’s success and creation from the ground up. As an active member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), we are one of the largest code contributors to the platform, and the largest code contributor of any semiconductor vendor. To accelerate its adoption, we have a portfolio of hardware and software solutions for Matter that provide a complete, end-to-end Matter development platform for all ecosystems and wireless protocols.

Our Matter Development Platform supports the advancement of smart home technology capabilities, crossing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE), and Thread. Featuring superior wireless performance and wireless hardware that extends battery life, products built with on the Silicon Labs Matter platform are smart, efficient, and primed for seamless integration into the smart home—which will save consumers costs and frustration.

The central component of the Matter platform is our 2.4 GHz wireless MG24 SoC with Bluetooth and multiple-protocol operations. MG24 supports Matter over Thread as a single-chip solution, delivering long range of up to 200 meters indoors, and enabling Bluetooth Low Energy commissioning of new devices using the same chip. Using the MG24 as a host with the RS9116 enables Matter over Wi-Fi, with the RS9116W offering the lowest Wi-Fi power consumption in the industry. MG24 is ready for developers to begin designing Matter-ready products.

Our Unify SDK software development platform for Matter provides the environment and the tools needed for developers to bridge Matter to other IoT platforms, including Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Z-Wave. Simplicity Studio and Software Development Kit provide a single development environment for enabling Matter on wireless devices and connecting them to the ecosystem of the consumer’s choice.

Every Matter solution we offer features Silicon Labs Secure Vault™, bringing the industry’s highest level IoT security and reliability to devices. The IoT security enabled within our platform will protect these devices and their users against cyberattacks and other potential threats to privacy.

This innovative approach to smart home technology will alleviate integration challenges previously encountered by consumers and will give developers the tools to create products that work across ecosystems. Our in-depth system expertise will accelerate the development of high-quality Matter devices to revolutionize the smart home experience.

To learn more about Matter, be sure to visit our Matter page

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Rob Alexander
Rob Alexander
Principal Product Manager, Matter
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