Silicon Labs xG28 Now Available; Helping Customers Like Chamberlain Group and Honeywell with Long-Range Applications at the Edge

08/21/2023 | Chad Steider | 2 Min Read

In June, we announced our dual-band FG28 SoC, designed for long-range networks and protocols like Amazon Sidewalk, Wi-SUN, and other proprietary protocols. Today, we’re excited to share that the FG28 is now generally available through Silicon Labs and our distribution partners. Learn more about the dual-band FG28 SoC here.

We’re also extending our xG28 family of SoCs with the ZG28, a Z-Wave Long Range SoC, PG28, a stand alone microcontroller, and the SG28, an Amazon Sidewalk SoC.

The xG28 combines a high-performance Sub-GHz radio that provides long range capabilities and a 2.4 GHz Bluetooth LE radio bringing new multi-protocol use cases into the Sub-GHz space. The built-in AI/ML hardware accelerator allows for machine learning inference at the edge, key for long range automation.

Two powerhouse companies are already using the FG28 in the home and beyond.

Silicon Labs FG28 Dual-Band SoC Opens (Garage) Doors with Chamberlain Group

Seventy percent of American homeowners use the garage as the primary way to enter their homes, so security and reliability are top of mind when purchasing a garage door opener (GDO). Leading manufacturer of smart access products, Chamberlain Group, turned to our FG28, with its industry-leading Secure Vault suite, for its Wi-Fi-enabled GDOs to boost device security, so homeowners have peace-of-mind for their physical security. The FG28’s sub-Ghz radio provides long-range capabilities, so homeowners can open their garage door as soon as they pull into their driveway instead of from feet away, and the included RF allows the signal to reach through any type of door. Lastly, the FG28’s Bluetooth functionality enables Chamberlain Group’s connectivity strategy so that homeowners can open and close their garage door from anywhere; or receive in-garage package delivery from Amazon and Walmart, keeping packages safe from bad weather and secure from porch pirates.

“We have a long-standing relationship with Silicon Labs, so it was natural for us to choose the FG28 for our next generation of garage door openers. Their level of support and technology is something we value when looking for security features to enhance our products,” said Ed Lukas, Director of Engineering for Residential Products.

Honeywell Smart Water Metering Solution Upgrades to FG28 Long Range SoC

Homeowners, utility companies, cities, and municipalities alike are rapidly adopting smart water metering solutions to cut costs on water consumption, minimize waste, and quickly identify leaks. However, when the meters are buried underground and cover wide distances, developing and deploying low-power wide area networks, such as Wi-SUN and Amazon Sidewalk, is crucial. The FG28’s single hardware design supports multiple Sub-GHz protocols, enabling the ultimate system functionality and reliable communication between end nodes and utility. The Sub-GHz band is crucial for smart metering applications at the edge.

Transitioning from our FG12 to the FG28 provides the high performance, more reliable connectivity at the edge, greater RF performance, and robust security that Honeywell needed for its smart metering solutions. In addition, the FG28 provides the increased interoperability and simplified development needed to scale according to their customers’ needs.

Learn More About Long Range, Wireless Protocols from Works With 2023

The Works With agenda for 2023 was filled with sessions covering the FG28, large outdoor wireless IoT networks, and all things LPWAN.

Check out the following sessions in our LPWAN curriculum series.

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Unbox the FG28 with us: Design Long Range Devices for Amazon Sidewalk with FG28 

Check out the newly launched SG28, our Amazon Sidewalk Sub-GHz SoC, and Amazon Sidewalk Developer Journey page to get started on designing today. 


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