MSRP $99.00

EFM32 Zero Gecko Starter Kit

The EFM32ZG-STK3200 provides an excellent tool to get familiar with the EFM32™ Zero Gecko 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs), the industry’s most energy-friendly MCU based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor.

Supported by Simplicity Studio, the starter kit contains sensors and peripherals demonstrating some of the MCU's many capabilities and can serve as a starting point for application development. The EFM32ZG-STK3200 features an on-board SEGGER J-Link debugger and an Advanced Energy Monitoring system, allowing you to program, debug, and perform real-time current profiling of your application without using external tools.

MSRP $99.00


Zero Gecko Starter Kit Features

  • EFM32ZG222F32 MCU with 32 KB Flash and 4 KB RAM
  • Advanced Energy Monitoring system for precise current tracking
  • Integrated SEGGER J-Link USB debugger/emulator with debug out functionality
  • 20 pin expansion header
  • Breakout pads for easy access to I/O pins
  • Power sources include USB
  • 2 user buttons, 2 user LEDs
  • 2 capacitive touchpads
  • Ultra-low-power 128 x 128 pixel Memory-LCD
  • Crystals for LFXO and HFXO: 32.768 kHz and 24.000 MHz
  • Supported by Simplicity Studio

Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio Version 5

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

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