MSRP $48.65

8-bit USB Debug Adapter

The USB Debug Adapter provides the interface between the PC’s USB port and the C8051Fxxx and EFM8’s in-system debug/programming circuitry.

The attached 10-pin debug ribbon cable connects the adapter to the target board and the target device’s debug interface signals (the USB Debug Adapter supports both Silicon Labs JTAG and C2 debug interfaces.) Power is provided to the adapter from the USB connection to the PC; the USB cable is included as part of the USB Debug Adapter. The USB Debug Adapter is capable of providing power to some of the Silicon Labs’ circuit boards via pin 10 of the debug connector, see Development Kit User's Guide for details.

MSRP $48.65


Kit Contents:

  • Debug Adapter with 10-pin Ribbon Cable

*A USB cable is necessary when using the USB Debug Adapter. USB cables are included with the purchase of microcontroller development kits that include a USB Debug Adapter. However, a USB cable is not included when purchasing the USB Debug Adapter separately.

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