MSRP $35.00

Simplicity Link Debugger

The Simplicity Link Debugger is a tool designed to debug and program our 32-bit and 8-bit devices on custom boards. The J-Link debugger enables programming and debugging on the target device over USB, through our Mini Simplicity interface. A virtual COM port interface (VCOM) provides an easy-to-use serial port connection over USB. The Packet Trace Interface (PTI) offers invaluable debug information about transmitted and received packets in wireless links and an optional 3.3 V power supply to power the external target board. The board also has 12 break out pads which can be used for probing signals to and from the custom hardware.

MSRP $35.00


Kit Contents

  • Debug Adapter board (BRD1015A)
  • Mini-Simplicity Cable

Note: A USB Type C cable (not included) is necessary when using the USB Debug Adapter.

Kit Features

  • USB Type C
  • Segger J-Link Debugger
  • Support for 32-bit and 8-bit EFM/EFR devices
  • Mini-simplicity connector
    • Serial Wire Debug interface (SWD) with SWO / Silicon Labs' 2-wire interface (C2)
    • Packet Traci Interface (PTI)
    • Virtual COM port (VCOM)
    • Optional targer voltage source
  • Breakout pads to access all debugger signals
  • Real-time debugging, breakpoints, memory access, and more
  • Compatible with Simplicity Studio and Simplicity Commander
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