MSRP $345.76

C8051F85x/86x Motor Control Reference Design

The Silicon Labs C8051F850 Sensorless Brushless dc (BLDC) Motor Control Reference Design is a ready to use motor control solution with production-quality hardware and software for quick evaluation and deployment in cost-sensitive applications. This reference design provides a complete system-level solution for sensorless brushless dc motors and is a vehicle for developers to evaluate and adopt low-cost BLDC motor control solutions using the C8051F85x and C8051F86x product families.

The C8051F85x/6x family is the ideal MCU for the reference design, with a 12-bit analog to digital converter, a precise internal voltage reference, two analog comparators with programmable hysteresis and response time and three independently configurable enhanced resolution PWM channels with built-in hardware kill capability.

The availability of motor control source code helps to expedite the design-in time. In addition, the motor control graphical user interface (Silicon Labs Spinner) allows real-time control and monitoring of the motor and also offers users flexibility and ease of use when controlling and understanding the BLDC motor operation. A strong value proposition of the Sensorless BLDC Motor Control reference design is the supporting environment from tools, development kits, software libraries and collateral. The reference design contains everything needed to get the motor spinning in less than five minutes.

MSRP $345.76


The C8051F850-BLDC-RD includes

  • C8051F850 MCU Motor Control Board
  • Powertrain Board
  • Motor Mount Board with Turnigy 3800 kV Series Outrunner Motor
  • Power Supply
  • World Wide Plug Adaptors
  • Quick Start Guide

The C8051F850-BLDC-RD Download Package includes

  • Demonstration Kit DVD which includes:
    • 8-bit Microcontroller Studio Tools
    • C8051F850 BLDC Reference Design Kit User's Guide
    • C8051F850 BLDC Motor Reference Design Quick Start Guide
    • Silicon Labs Spinner PC Application
      • Can generate firmware source code for C8051F850
    • BLDC Design Guide Tool
    • Example source code and firmware code

Step 1: Download and Install Simplicity Studio Version 5

Get up and running quickly with precompiled demos, application notes, and examples. Use advanced tools including energy profiling to optimize your MCU application. Choose your software package below.

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