Si7005 UDP Humidity Sensor Evaluation Kit Daughter Card

The Si7005EVB-UDP is a small daughter card that permits evaluation of the Si7005 in conjunction with certain Unified Development Platform (UDP) components such as the C8051F960 Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller Development Kit (C8051F960-A-DK).

The daughter card is designed to plug directly into UDP MCU cards for fast prototyping and software development. In addition to an on-board Si7005, there is a connector for adding a Si7005-EVB via its flex cable, allowing the customer to place the Si7005 in a temperature/humidity chamber or a product prototype. For platforms other than the C8051F960-A-DK, please check with the factory to confirm compatibility.


Kit Contents

  • Si7005 UDP daughter card
  • Software and documentation CD

Additional Resources

AN607: Si7005 Humidity and Temperature Sensor Designer's Guide

Step 1: Get Started with the User's Guide

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