MSRP $161.25

Dual-Mode BR/EDR Bluetooth LE Module Development Kit

BT122-DK4315B is a small form factor kit for evaluating the BT122 dual-mode Bluetooth module. This board contains 2 push buttons, 2 LEDs, temperature and relative humidity sensor (Si7021), and on-board J-Link debugger with high speed UART to USB bridge (VCOM). It also contains a mini-simplicity connector which allows for current consumption measurements using BRD4002A and energy profiler, and breakout pads for all the module pins.

MSRP $161.25


Key Features

  • Dual mode BLE and BR/EDR
  • 2x push buttons
  • 2x LEDs
  • Relative humidity and temperature sensor
  • On-board J-Link debugger
  • Support for UART to USB bridge (VCOM)

Kit Contents

  • BT122 Dev Kit board (BRD4315B)
  • Micro USB cable

Step 1: Get Started with the BT122 User's Guide

Step 2: Contact Technical Support to Download SDK

The Silicon Labs Bluetooth Dual Mode SDK includes the following APIs, components and tools:

  • The Bluetooth Dual Mode Stack
  • BGAPI is a binary serial protocol API to the Silicon Labs Bluetooth Dual Mode stack over the UART interface. BGAPI is a target for users, who want to use both Bluetooth BR/EDR and LE functionality and use all the features in the Bluetooth Dual Mode stack from an external host such as a low-power MCU.
  • BGLIB is a host library for external MCUs and implements a reference parser for the BGAPI serial protocol. BGLIB is delivered in C source code as part of the Bluetooth Dual Mode SDK, and it can be easily ported to various processor architectures.
  • BGScript interpreter and scripting language allow applications to be developed into the Bluetooth Dual Mode modules built-in MCU. It allows simple end-user applications or enhanced functionality to be developed directly into the Bluetooth Dual Mode module which means no external host MCU is necessarily needed. BGScript applications can be executed at the same time as the BGAPI is used, allowing the possibility to implement some functionality on the Bluetooth module and some on the host.
  • Profile Toolkit is a simple XML-based description language that can be used to easily and quickly develop GATT-based service and characteristic databases for the Bluetooth Dual Mode module.
  • BGBuild compiler is a free-of-charge compiler that compiles the Bluetooth Dual Mode Stack, the BGScript application and the Bluetooth GATT services into the firmware binary that can be installed to the Bluetooth Dual Mode modules.
  • BGTool is a graphical user interface application and a developer tool, which allows the Bluetooth Dual Mode module to be controller over the host interface using the BGAPI serial protocol. BGTool is a useful tool for testing the Bluetooth Dual Mode module and evaluating its functionality and APIs.
  • DFU Tools are also included as part of the SDK allowing the firmware to be updated over the UART interface.
  • BIMBER is a simple migrator tool created because of the end of iWRAP modules' firmware support. Migrator allows converting dump of Persistent Storage from iWRAP modules into BT122 project files (included BGScript).

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