MSRP $55.00

Si4010/Si4355 915 MHz One-Way AES Development Kit

Our' One-way AES demo utilizes the capabilities of the Si4010 key fob transmitter and the Si4355 EZRadio receiver in order to demonstrate a one-way secure link application for the 915 MHz frequency band.. The Si4010 key fob as the transmitter sends radio packets with partially encoded content. At the receiver side an EZRadio receiver, the Si4355 chip receives the packet, then evaluates and decodes it. The receiver can handle OOK or 2FSK modulated RF packets as well as the transmitter can set up to transmit OOK or 2FSK modulated RF packets.

MSRP $55.00



  • Si4010 Universal Key Fob
  • RX Pico Board, PCB Antenna, SMA
  • LCD Baseboard with AES Demo Code
  • Antenna
  • Key Fob Plastic Case
  • CR2032 3 V Coin Battery
  • (4) AA Battery
  • USB Cable

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