MSRP $190.00

SiWx917 Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth LE 8 MB Flash SoC Pro Kit

The SiWx917 Pro Kit is designed to support the development of wireless IoT devices based on the SiWG917 ultra-low power SoC that includes Single-Band Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE 5.4, Matter and IP networking for cloud connectivity along with security and integrated ARM® Cortex®-M4 with FPU for application code development. The Pro Kit consists of a radio board and a mainboard. The radio board is based on SiWG917 Wi-Fi 6 SoC reference design with external switch, band pass filter and on-chip antenna. It also has an option for micro-Coaxial connector for conducted RF measurements or external antenna connection. The mainboard contains an onboard J-Link debugger with Virtual COM port, on board sensors, enabling application development, flash loading and debugging of the attached radio board as well as external hardware. The Pro Kit brings out the SiWG917 SoC peripherals to headers and includes capability to measure the ultra-low-power consumption of SiWG917 SoC using the AEM feature available in Simplicity Studio, essential for battery based designs. The Pro Kit provides all the necessary tools for developing a hostless single chip high-volume, scalable, ultra-low-power Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE 5.4 Combo wireless IoT solutions.

MSRP $190.00


Kit Contents

  • 1x BRD4002A Wireless Pro Kit Mainboard (WPK)
  • 1x BRD4338A SiWx917 Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth LE 8MB Flash Radio Board
  • 1x Mini-Simplicity Cable
  • 1x AA Battery Holder
  • 1x Logic Analyzer 4-Wire Cable
  • 2x 2x16 Headers Connectors

Kit Features

  • Supports Radio Board based on SiWG917 Single-Band Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth LE SoC with 8MB Flash, SoC Reference design based on External Switch, and band pass filter
  • Radio board supports on-chip antenna and micro-Coaxial connector for conducted RF measurements or external antenna connection
  • Integration with Simplicity Studio and WiSeConnect (SiWx917 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth) SDK
  • Advanced Energy Monitor (AEM)
  • Virtual COM port
  • SEGGER J-link on-board debugger
  • On-board Logic Analyzer
  • External device debugging
  • Debug connectivity over Ethernet and USB
  • Ultra-low power 128 x 128 pixel Memory LCDTFT Display
  • User LEDs / pushbuttons, Temperature/Humidity Sensor, JoyStick
  • 20-pin EXP header
  • Breakout pads for Wireless SoC I/O

Step 1: Download and Install Software Simplicity Studio Version 5

Step 2: Read WiSeConnect SDK Documentation

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