Wolfspeed Partner Designs

Cree | Wolfspeed is a global leader in wide bandgap semiconductor technology. Wolfspeed’s silicon carbide MOSFET portfolio offers the industry’s lowest on-state resistances in a discrete package as well as low switching losses, enabling high efficiency and power density. Wolfspeed SiC devices far outperform conventional silicon components and set new standards for efficiency and reliability in industrial, energy, automotive, and consumer markets. In partnership with Wolfspeed, Silicon Labs offers a range of innovative and proven isolation solutions tailored to these world-class SiC devices.

Si828x SiC FET Half Bridge Reference Design

The Silicon Labs Si828x Half Bridge Reference Design is a design package engineers can utilize to implement a half-bridge circuit to invert a DC Link voltage to a pseudo-sinusoidal AC voltage. A half-bridge is an element of a larger system such as a single- or multi-phase inverter used in industrial motor drives, electric vehicle traction drives, solar inverters, and more. This reference design contains schematics, layout, bill of materials, and a user guide. While the board and kit are not available for purchase, the technical material will provide a design example using the Si828x family of isolated gate drivers with protection and dc-dc option. Further, this reference design has been extensively tested by SiC FET partner Wolfspeed, and a report is available with the lab test results.

Wolfspeed WolfPACK™ Module Gate Driver Boards

Silicon Labs' Gate Driver Boards (GDB) are ideal for driving power modules from Wolfspeed, such as the Wolfspeed WolfPACK power modules. These two-channel isolated gate driver solutions feature a differential digital interface, optimized on-board isolated power supply, and user-configurable turn-on and turn-off gate resistors. Status indicator LEDs and test points make evaluation and prototyping easy. These GDB are compatible with Wolfspeed’s Clamped Inductive Load (CIL) test fixtures for controlled and comprehensive module evaluation.

Find the Right WolfPACK Gate Driver Board

Part Number Gate Driver Interface Peak Output Current Gate Resistance Isolated Power Supplies Common Mode Transient Immunity Isolation Voltage
Si823H-AAWA-KIT Si823H2CD-IS3 Differential 4 A 1 Ω +15 V, -3.5 V 125 kV/µs 5 kV
Si823H-ABWA-KIT Si823H2CD-IS3 Differential 4 A 4 Ω +15 V, -3.5 V 125kV/µs 5 kV

Onboard Charger Reference Design

6.6 kW high power density bi-directional EV on-board charger reference design featuring the Si8233BB Isolated Gate Driver.

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