CPT213B Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kit


The CPT213B TouchXpress Evaluation Board features 13 capacitive sense pads. The board can be connected to a host processor through the expansion header or breakout pins and to a PC using the USB connector. Using the CPT213B evaluation board along with software demos built in the kit will allow interface to all EFM8™ and EFM32™ families of MCUs. All the collateral is targeted at easily enabling developers and reducing their time-to-market. Support from Simplicity Studio software.

Hardware and Software Features

CPT213B Evaluation Board Contents:

  • CPT213B Capacitive Sense Evaluation Board
  • Acrylic Overlay
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Get Started Card

CPT213B Evaluation Board Features:

  • CPT213B Capacitive Sense device with I2C and configuration loading
  • 20-pin expansion header for connection with a Silicon Labs Starter Kit
  • Breakout test points for easy access to touch pads
  • Power sources include USB and EXT Header
  • 13-Capacitive Sense touch pads

Simplicity Studio Features:

  • Xpress Configurator
  • Capacitive Sense Profiler

Get Started with the CPT213B Evaluation Kit

Access software and development resources

TouchXpress Starter Kits Overview

Explore the fastest and easiest way to add capacitive sense to any application.

CPT213B Documentation

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CPT213B Evaluation Board Quick Start Guide

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AN1092: TouchXpress Custom Configuration Profile Programming Guide

Overview of the configuration profile data structure

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AN957: TouchXpress Configuration and Profiling Guide

Learn how to develop capacitive sensing interfaces using the TouchXpress family and Simplicity Studios tools

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