Simplicity Debug Adapter Board


The Simplicity Debug Adapter Board plugs directly into the Debug Connector and the Simplicity Connector on a Wireless Starter Kit (WSTK) or a subset of Starter Kits (STK) and combines selected functionality from these two to a smaller footprint 10-pin connector which is more suitable for space constrained designs.

The ARM® Cortex® 10-pin Debug Connector follows the standard Cortex pin-put defined by ARM and allows the WSTKs and STKs to be used to debug hardware designs that use this connector.

Note: Packet Trace is only available on the Wireless STK Mainboards. MCU Starter Kits do not support Packet Trace

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Hardware Features

Simplicity Debug Adapter Board contents:

  • Simplicity Debug Adapter Board
  • 10-pin ribbon cable

10-pin Debug Interfaces:

  • Silicon Labs Mini Simplicity Connector
  • ARM Cortex 10-pin Debug Connector
  • Silicon Labs ISA3 Packet Trace

Advanced Debug Features:

  • SWD
  • JTAG
  • C2
  • ETM
  • AEM
  • PTI
  • VCOM
  • Virtual UART

Interface Capabilities and Features

Feature 20-pin Standard ARM Cortex Debug+ETM Connector 20-pin Simplicity Connector Simplicity Debug Adapter Board Interfaces (Standard or Tag-Connect 10-pin cable) Tag-Connect 6-pin Interface
Mini Simplicity Connector Cortex Debug Connector ISA3 Packet Trace Port Connector
SWD (serial wire debug)  X   X X X X
JTAG  X     X X  
C2 X     X    
ETM (embedded trace module) X          
AEM (advanced energy monitoring)    X X      
PTI (packet trace interface)    X X   X  
VCOM (virtual COM port)    X X      
Virtual UART  X   X X X X

Compatible Starter Kits

Kit Part Number Frequency Output Power Price (USD) Add to Cart
EFM32 Happy Gecko Starter Kit SLSTK3400A $99.99 EFM32 Low Energy USB Interface Happy Gecko Starter Kit
EFM32 Pearl Gecko Starter Kit SLSTK3401A $99.99 EFM32PG SLSTK3401A Starter Kit
EFR32 Blue Gecko Starter Kit SLWSTK6020B 2.4 GHz +10 dBm $149 EFR32 Blue Gecko Starter Kit
EFR32 Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz 915 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6060A 915 MHz +20 dBm $276 915 MHz EFR32 SLWSTK6060A Starter Kit
EFR32 Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz 868 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6061A 868 MHz +13 dBm $276 868 MHz EFR32 SLWSTK6061A Starter Kit
EFR32 Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz 490 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6062A 490 MHz +20 dBm $276 490 MHz EFR32 SLWSTK6062A Starter Kit
EFR32 Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz 434 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6063A 434 MHz +10 dBm $276 434 MHz EFR32 SLWSTK6063A Starter Kit
EFR32 Flex Gecko 2.4 GHz 169 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6065A 169 MHz +20 dBm $276 169 MHz EFR32 SLWSTK6065A Starter Kit
EZR32 Happy Gecko 915 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6242A 915 MHz + 20 dBm $299 915 MHz EZR32HG SLWSTK6242A Starter Kit
EZR32 Happy Gecko 868 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6240A 868 MHz + 16 dBm $299 868 MHz EZR32HG SLWSTK6201A Starter Kit
EZR32 Happy Gecko 490 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6243A 490 MHz + 20 dBm $299 490 MHz EZR32HG SLWSTK6243A Starter Kit
EZR32 Happy Gecko 434 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6241A 434 MHz + 10 dBm $299 434 MHz EZR32HG SLWSTK6241A Starter Kit
EZR32 Happy Gecko 169 MHz Starter Kit SLWSTK6244A 169 MHz + 20 dBm $299 169 MHz EZR32HG SLWSTK6244A Starter Kit

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