EFM8™ Busy Bee High Flash Capacity 50 MHz 8-bit MCU Starter Kit


The Silicon Labs EFM8 Busy Bee Starter Kit is an excellent starting point to evaluate and develop on the general purpose, high flash capacity, 50 MHz EFM8 Busy Bee MCUs. The SLSTK2022A starter kit can be used to evaluate EFM8BB3 set of devices. The kit is enabled with Advanced Energy Monitor (AEM) that can be used in conjunction with the Energy Profiler tool for real-time current and voltage monitoring.

This kit includes the most capable MCU in this family, EFM8BB31F64G-A-QFN32 operating up to 50 MHz in this family. The EFM8BB31F64G-A-QFN32 MCU includes 64 kB of flash, 4352 B of RAM, 12-bit ADC, up to four 12-bit ADC.

The Busy Bee Starter Kit Includes

  • Integrated debugger
  • LCD display
  • Joystick
  • Pushbuttons
  • Tri-color LED
  • Expansion header
  • 1 mini USB cable

Busy Bee Starter Kit Resources

EFM8 Busy Bee SLSTK2022A User's Guide

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IAR 8051 Embedded Workbench

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