Infrared Multi-Function Board Evaluation Kit


The Si114x infrared multi-function board demonstrates the flexibility and configurability of the Si114x product family, the industry’s lowest power, longest range, multi-LED optical sensors. The two sides of the board exhibit distinctly different functions:

  • The top side boasts an Si1143 three irLED “thumbscroll” implementation which allows a user to swipe over the sense array and navigate a 3 mm x 3 mm array of blue LED’s. A tap to select gesture is also supported on this thumbscroll demo which blinks the selected LED.
  • The back of the board features a Si1141 single irLED range detection demo capable of sensing distances up to 30 cm for a hand and up to a meter for a torso. The blue LED array on the long range demo progressively lights up as a detectable object moves closer to the sensor. 

Development of advanced motion and ambient light sensing is assisted by the Si114x Programmer’s Toolkit, which allows for development of software to control the IRMFB-EK from a PC. Sample source code for the IRMFB-EK is provided with the Si114x Programmer’s Toolkit to enable rapid application development. The Si114x Programmer’s Toolkit also contains Silicon Labs’ powerful Control Panel and Performance Analysis Tool for real-time reflectivity monitoring with the IRMFB-EK.

The IRMFB-EK Evaluation Kit Features

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