SiM3L1xx Development Kit with Si7013 UDP Daughter Card


The Si7013EVB-UDP-M3L1 Development Kit combines the SiM3L1xxLCD-B-DK 32-bit Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller Development Kit and the Si7013EVB-UDP humidity sensor daughter card with data logger demonstration code. It is a complete package designed to support hardware and software development using the Si7013 and Silicon Labs’ ultra-low power 32-bit MCUs. It can also serve as a portable demonstration vehicle for the Si7013 (no PC required).


The Si7013-UDP-M3L1 Evaluation Kit Features

  • SiM3L1xx MCU Card with LCD
  • Si7013EVB-UDP board
  • 32-bit USB debug adapter
  • USB cables
  • Wall mounted universal power supply
  • Battery
  • UDP Development Kit Quick Start Guide
  • Si7013 documentation and software CD (.zip) included:
    • Si7013EVB-UDP-M3L1 User’s Guide
    • Si7013 Demo Software, Data Logger Software, GUI, and source code
    • Flash Utility software
    • AN607: Si70xx Humidity Sensor Designer’s Guide
    • PCB design files for Si7013EVB-UDP board

Si7013-UDP-M3L1 Development Kit Resources

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Si7013EVB-UDP-M3L1 User's Guide

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AN607: Si70xx Humidity Sensor Designer’s Guide

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Si7013 Data Sheet

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