Bluetooth Mesh Android and iOS Mobile Applications

Bluetooth enabled smartphones in the market today do not natively support Bluetooth mesh and cannot easily communicate with mesh-enabled end nodes. We provide Bluetooth mesh mobile applications and stack libraries for Android and iOS. Our application allows developers to set up Bluetooth mesh networks, provision and configure nodes, and control the nodes with lighting mesh models. The application provides the following benefits:

  • Implements Bluetooth mesh stack from network layer to mesh models
  • Utilizes smartphones’ native Bluetooth stack as GATT bearer
  • Supports Bluetooth mesh features
    • Network and group setup
    • Device provisioning
    • Node and Group configuration
    • Mesh model setup
    • Node control with mesh model

Mobile Applications

Provision, configure, and control Bluetooth mesh devices with your smartphone.

Mesh Library for Mobile App Development

Develop custom mobile applications that include Bluetooth
mesh connectivity.

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