Blue Gecko Bluetooth® Smart iOS and Android App

In order to download the iOS app, you will need to access the link from your smart phone

Step 1: Download The App for iPhone from Apple App Store or the Blue Gecko App for Android from the Google Play Store

Step 2: Open the application and select Health Thermometer

Step 3: Select Blue Gecko to see the changing temperature value. The temperature is measured using the Si7021 RHT sensor on the Wireless Starter Kit main board. 

Step 4: Press PB0 to switch to beaconing mode.

Step 5: Select Retail Beacon from the iOS or Android application and it will simply discover the Wireless Starter Kit beacon. 

Step 6: Press Reset to return the kit to normal mode.

Step 7: Finally, select Key Fobs from the iOS app to try out the proximity demo. 

Step 8: Select Bluetooth Gecko from the list and the iOS or Android application will connect the kit and send alert message to it, which will turn on LED0.

Get Started with the Blue Gecko Starter Kits

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