EmberZNet PRO Zigbee® Protocol Stack Software


Silicon Labs' EmberZNet PRO Zigbee networking protocol stack enables larger, denser, sleepier, more mobile, secure and resilient Zigbee networks.The EmberZNet PRO Zigbee networking protocol stack is a complete Zigbee protocol software package containing all the elements required for robust and reliable mesh networking applications on Silicon Labs' Ember platforms. The EmberZNet PRO stack includes the industry’s most proven Zigbee stack based on the Zigbee PRO Feature Set, enhanced with unique Silicon Labs innovations, providing "professional grade" networking for the most challenging applications such as Smart Energy / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), Home Automation, Home Security, Smart Lighting and Building Automation systems. A comprehensive suite of easy-to-use reference applications dramatically accelerates development of complete Zigbee Certified Products using the latest approved Application Profiles. Flexible utility libraries, including over-the-air bootloaders and manufacturing test functions allow products to move quickly from the development lab to real-world deployment. Full integration with our powerful development tools ensure a successful Zigbee development experience.

The EmberZNet PRO Zigbee networking protocol stack is the most deployed, proven and scalable ZigBee stack in the market

The EmberZNet PRO Zigbee networking protocol stack delivers robust and reliable mesh networking, supporting all Zigbee device types in a single stack image.


The EmberZNet PRO Zigbee networking protocol stack is the most robust, reliable and easy to use Zigbee platform that helps address the needs and characteristics of today’s complex mesh networks.

The Zigbee PRO Feature Set includes asymmetric link avoidance, route aggregation and frequency agility for added network scalability and resiliency.


EmberZNet PRO Zigbee Protocol Stack Advantages

The EmberZNet PRO Zigbee networking protocol stack is a complete software package, including the most deployed certified stack with the Zigbee PRO Feature Set.

Larger Networks – scaling to potentially thousands of nodes in a single network is enabled by Stochastic Addressing, Many-to-One/Source Routing and Asymmetric Link Handling

Denser Networks – enabled by Silicon Labs' intelligent table management assures network stability even when many routing nodes are within close proximity

Sleepier Networks – significantly extend the battery life of end devices through compatible Ember enhancements such as configurable deep-sleep timeouts and special ZigBee router parent functions

More Mobile Networks – explicitly identify and optimize mobile ZigBee End Devices (ZED) within network

More Secure Networks – are enabled by implementing many of the optional ZigBee PRO security extensions for advanced network encryption and device security

More Resilient Networks – are ensured by ZigBee PRO’s Frequency Agility features that allow the entire network to change channels in the face of interference


Chip Support

EmberZNet PRO ZigBee networking protocol stack supports the EM35x ZigBee® semiconductor family: EM35x ARM Cortex-M3 based SoCs.


Reference Applications

Silicon Labs' Ember development tools enable the rapid development of specific, certifiable ZigBee applications, reducing initial development from days/weeks to minutes/hours. The Ember AppBuilder delivers the ability to create complete application code via an easy checklist and also offer a template for customization and vendor-specific functions.


Enhanced Utilities and Debug Tools

The EmberZNet PRO ZigBee networking protocol stack provides a robust and reliable platform for developing network applications, and our unmatched suite of utilities and network debugging tools simplify development, accelerating time-to-volume of high quality products:

  • Ember Desktop, an industry-first ZigBee network visualization and debugging tool. It operates with both, Ember development environments and in deployed systems to record network traffic at several levels. This information can then be grouped, sorted, and displayed to immediately pinpoint the cause of any suspected network-related troubles.
  • Ember Development Kits aimed at OEMs with formal development programs enable customers to rapidly prototype their applications.
  • Manufacturing tools to enable customers quickly test their Ember enabled hardware and applications in order to maintain quality while minimizing test costs.
  • Ember AppBuilder tool to help OEMs in speedy development of certifiable ZigBee Smart Energy, ZigBee Home Automation and ZigBee Light Link Applications


Feature Comparison

The following table compares EmberZNet PRO ZigBee networking protocol stack to the ZigBee Feature Set and the ZigBee PRO Feature Set.

​Standard Feature ZigBee 
Feature Set​
ZigBee PRO 
Feature Set​
EmberZNet PRO
Addressing Tree​ Stochastic​ Stochastic​
Routing​ Tree and Mesh​ Mesh​ Mesh​
Aggregation​ ​No Required​ Yes​
Asymmetric Links​ ​No ​Required ​Yes
Frequency Agility​ ​Optional Required​ Yes​
APS Multicast​ ​Required ​Supported ​Yes
Network Multicast​ ​No ​Required Supported​
Fragmentation​ ​Optional ​Optional ​Yes
Base Security​ Residential​ ​Standard Standard​
APS Encryption​ ​Optional ​Optional ​Yes
High Security​ ​No ​Optional ​No
Enhanced Sleepy & Mobile ZEDs​ No​ ​No ​Yes
Dense Networks​ ​No No​ Yes​
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