LTE-M Expansion Kit


Silicon Labs LTE-M Expansion Kit is an add-on board that features the XBee3® LTE-M cellular modem from DIGI® and is made for long rage, mobile and secure cloud-connected IoT. The expansion kit can plug into the EFM32GG11 starter kit (STK) and take advantage of the full-features of the low-power EFM32GG11 MCU. By pairing the low-power Gecko technology and peripherals with the secure, long-range connectivity of the XBee3® modem, battery-powered IoT is simplified.

The kit currently supports the EFM32GG11 Starter Kit (SLSTK3701), which is strictly required for running the software demos.

Firmware Update Needed

Customers using this board need to upgrade firmware to avoid potential memory corruption.

Hardware and Software Features

Expansion Kit Contents:

  • Expansion board with radio board socket
  • XBee3® radio board
  • Getting started card
  • Cellular SIM card
  • Antenna
    Expansion Kit Features:
  • Fun and visual demos
  • Easy way to connect to the cloud
  • Smart city sensors
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart metering
  • Industrial
  • Asset tracking
  • IoT

Compatible Starter Kits

The kit currently supports the EFM32GG11 starter kit, which is required for using the pre-complied software demos. This must be purchased separately.

Part Number Kit Name Benefit Price Add to Cart
SLSTK3701A EFM32 Giant Gecko GG11 Starter Kit At 2 MB flash, 512 kB RAM and with Ethernet, SDIO, QSPI and a wide range of other features, EFM32GG11 can solve a wide range of problems. $99.99

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