LTE-M Expansion Kit


Silicon Labs LTE-M Expansion Kit is an add-on board that features the XBee3® LTE-M cellular modem from DIGI® and is made for long rage, mobile and secure cloud-connected IoT. The expansion kit can plug into the EFM32GG11 starter kit (STK) and take advantage of the full-features of the low-power EFM32GG11 MCU. By pairing the low-power Gecko technology and peripherals with the secure, long-range connectivity of the XBee3® modem, battery-powered IoT is simplified.

The kit currently supports the EFM32GG11 Starter Kit (SLSTK3701), which is strictly required for running the software demos.

Hardware and Software Features

Expansion Kit Contents:

  • Expansion board with radio board socket
  • XBee3® radio board
  • Getting started card
  • Cellular SIM card
  • Antenna
    Expansion Kit Features:
  • Fun and visual demos
  • Easy way to connect to the cloud
  • Smart city sensors
  • Smart agriculture
  • Smart metering
  • Industrial
  • Asset tracking
  • IoT

Compatible Starter Kits

The kit currently supports the EFM32GG11 starter kit, which is required for using the pre-complied software demos. This must be purchased separately.

Part Number Kit Name Benefit Price Add to Cart
SLSTK3701A EFM32 Giant Gecko GG11 Starter Kit At 2 MB flash, 512 kB RAM and with Ethernet, SDIO, QSPI and a wide range of other features, EFM32GG11 can solve a wide range of problems. $99.99

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