EZRadioPRO Wireless Motherboard Development Kit


Silicon Labs offers an easy to use development platform featuring a small motherboard with modular RF and MCU Radio Boards and an integrated LCD with necessary connectors for rapid prototyping and development. The MSC‑F930‑PDK provides a standalone demonstration platform and software development platform for wireless devices together with the Wireless Development Suite (WDS).

NOTE: This core hardware ships without any test cards, allowing customers to choose the RF configuration required by the application. Silabs™ Radio Boards are required, and can be found on the EZRadioPRO Radio Boards page.

Wireless Motherboard Features


  • (1) C8051F930 Motherboard
  • (1) C8051F930 MCU card


  • MCU code and firmware development (IDE, configuration wizard, example code, etc.)
  • RF design and optimization (Wireless Development Suite support, automatic board detection and firmware download, sample RF code, run-time PHY interface, etc.)

Wireless Motherboard Resources

EZRadioPRO Development Kit User's Guide

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Wireless Development Suite

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