Zentri AMW007-E03 Wireless Development Kit


The AMW007-E03 evaluation board provides a quick and easy way to evaluate and develop using ZentriOS-Lite with the surface mounted AMW007 module. Using the module is a breeze, simply plug the board into a computer using a standard USB cable, connect with a PC terminal application and start typing. The kit also comes with a fully licensed version of ZentriOS-Lite.

Hardware and Software Features

    Development Kit Includes:
  • USB-serial interface for simplified UART communications & power
  • Peripheral interface including two buttons, five LEDs for I/O control and status indication, and a thermistor for temperature measurement
  • Power monitor for low-mA range power profiling
  • Expansion headers to break out every pin on the module
  • Reset button

Develoment Kit Features:

  • USB-UART interface for a direct serial connection to the AMW007 Wi-Fi module
  • Separate LEDs indicate data on UART transmit/receive
  • Sensor interface including two buttons and two LEDs
  • System indicator LEDs show network connection state
  • Manual reset switch
  • Breakout headers and ground hooks for easy prototyping
  • Powered by USB interface
    Development Kit Specs:
  • Sensor Interface: 2 x push buttons, 5 x LEDs
  • Breakout Header: 3 x Expansion headers (connects to every pin on the AMW007 module)
  • Power Supply: +5 V from USB (500 mA max.)


ZentriOS is the connectivity operating system of choice for resource constrained Internet of Things (IoT) devices. ZentriOS accelerates time-to-market by providing a common software foundation across multiple product lines. The OS provides integrated security, sophisticated network connectivity features, file management, rich peripheral interfaces, and much more. By abstracting the underlying complexity of connectivity, developers can focus on what they do best – build great products.

ZentriOS provides the secure connectivity foundation that enables a device to wirelessly connect and be delivered to market in weeks versus months/years. Enabling optional product portfolio manageability through the device management service, ZentriDMS, and can use any of Zentri’s own cloud products or those from other leading IoT cloud vendors such as Amazon’s AWS IoT platform, IBM Bluemix, and Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite.

ZentriOS is a component of the Zentri product family which includes ZentriDMS, ZentriCloud, and Zentri Mobile App SDK that comprise the Zentri Secure Connected Product Platform to transform product purchases into secure product experiences.

AMW007-E03 Documentation

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