WGM110 Wi-Fi Expansion Kit


The WGM110 Wi-Fi Expansion Kit is an add-on board that can plug into the EFM32GG11EFM32PG1 and EFM32PG12 starter-kits (STKs). The expansion kit enables an MCU + Wi-Fi reference design, allowing you to very quickly get started and build connected applications using Wi-Fi connectivity, while leveraging the full features and functionality of the EFM32 MCU products. The software demo provided leverages Micrium OS, and shows a basic cloud connected application.

The kit currently supports three MCU starter kits, and one of these are strictly needed to make the demos work.

Hardware and Software Features

Expansion Kit Contents:

  • Expansion board with a radio board socket
  • WGM110 radio board
  • Getting started card
    Expansion Kit Features:
  • Fun and visual demo
  • Easy way to connect to the cloud
  • Full reference design with our new PG1 and PG12 devices
  • Home Automation: Control panels, sensor nodes, smart door locks, appliances
  • Fitness: Smart scales
  • Metering: In-home displays
  • Industrial: Remote wireless user interface access, device management

Compatible Starter Kits

The kit currently supports three MCU starter kits, and one of these are strictly needed to make the demos work    

Part Number Kit Name Benefit Price Add to Cart
SLSTK3701A EFM32 Giant Gecko GG11 Starter Kit At 2 MB flash, 256 kB RAM and with Ethernet, SDIO, QSPI and a wide range of other features, EFM32GG11 can solve a wide range of problems. $99.99
SLSTK3401A EFM32 Pearl Gecko PG1 Starter Kit 256 kB flash, 32 kB RAM, the EFM32PG1 is powerful enough to drive Wi-Fi, but at the same time the most cost efficient alternative.    
SLSTK3402A EFM32 Pearl Gecko PG12 Starter Kit
1 MB flash, 256 kB RAM, the EFM32PG12 is at the middle of the range with a number of great features such as capacitive sense and LESENSE.    

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