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CP2401-GQ 128 Segment LCD Controller

The CP2401-GQ low power LCD controller can drive up to 128 LCD segments. These devices are easily interfaced with any microcontroller using an I2C interface. A benefit to this approach is designers can select the best-fit MCU for the system and then add the CP2401-GQ to handle LCD requirements efficiently with respect to system size and power consumption. The device includes 36 digital I/O pins and is available in a TQFP48 package (9x9).

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Specifications Summary

LCD Segments: 128

Interface: I2C

Package Type: TQFP48

Dig I/O Pins: 36

Timers (16-bit): 2

Package Size: 9x9

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CP2401DK LCD Controller Development Kit Development Kits

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