Classic USB to UART Bridges

The high-performance, low cost , CP21xx USB to UART bridge Silicon Labs family offers a complete plug and play interface solution and a comprehensive design ecosystem created to speed time-to-market. The family offers royalty-free driver suites, crystal-less operation, in-system programming memory, and small body size packages to reduce cost, simplify design and shorten development time.  



Explore the Next Generation of USB Connectivity

  • Pin compatible with most existing CP210x devices.
  • Cost effective solution offering CP210x functionality plus more.
  • Interested in migrating from a CP210x to a CP2102N? Read our migration guide.

Classic USB Bridges Features

  • USB 2.0 compliant, full-speed (12 Mbps)
  • No external crystal required
  • Up to 1024 Bytes of EEPROM or OTP ROM
  • User-programmable custom Baud rates
  • Supports all modem interface signals
  • Baud Rates: up to 2 Mbps
  • Industrial temperature –40 to +85 °C

Get Started with USB to UART Bridge Evaluation

USB to UART Evaluation Kits

Begin development today for the Classic USB to UART devices with the USB to UART evaluation kits.


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Program and Configure

Download the latest version of Simplicity Studio™ and use the Xpress configurator programming tool for configuration, programming, and customization. 

Classic USB Bridges Product Matrix

Part Number Data Sheet Eval Kit Dig I/O Pins Package Type Package Size (mm) Internal Oscillator Communications EEPROM FIFO
CP2101 (NRND)
0 QFN28 5x5 No USB to UART Bridge 512 1024
CP2102 (NRND)
CP2102EK 0 QFN28 5x5 No USB to UART Bridge 1024 1024
CP2103 (NRND)
CP2103EK 4 QFN28 5x5 No USB to UART Bridge 1024 1024
CP2104 (NRND)
CP2104-MINIEK 4 QFN24 4x4 No UART to UART Bridge 1024 1152
CP2105EK 5 QFN24 4x4 No USB to Dual UART Bridge 296 608
CP2108EK 16 QFN64 9x9 No USB to Quad UART Bridge 1024 1536
CP2109 (NRND)
CP2102EK 0 QFN28 5x5 No UART to UART Bridge 1024 1024
CP2110EK 10 QFN24 4x4 No HID USB to UART Bridge 343 960
CP2112EK 8 QFN24 4x4 No HID USB to SMBus/I2C Bridge 194 512
CP2130 (NRND)
CP2130EK 11 QFN24 4x4 No USB to SPI Bridge 348 320
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