EFR32BG12P232F512IM68 Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and Bluetooth 5 EFR32BG12 Series 1 SoC

The EFR32BG12P232F512IM68 Bluetooth low energy chip includes a 40 MHz ARM Cortex-M4 microcontoller and provides a 10 dBm maximum power output. With a receive sensitivity of -94.8 (1 Mbps 2 GFSK) dBm the EFR32BG12P232F512IM68 supports a full DSP instruction set and floating point unit to speed computation. Built with low-power Gecko Technology, which includes innovative low energy techniques, fast wake-up times and energy saving modes. This device includes 512 kB of flash, 64 kB of RAM, and is available in a QFN68 package. Software and SDKs for EFR32BG12P232F512IM68 include support for Bluetooth low energy (LE), Bluetooth 5, and Bluetooth mesh networking. The device also includes support for proprietary wireless protocol development.

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Specifications Summary

MCU Core: ARM Cortex-M4

Core Frequency (MHz): 40

TX Power (dBm): 10

Flash (kB): 512

RAM (kB): 64

BT 5 - 2M PHY: Yes

Package Type: QFN68

BT 5 - LE Long Range: No

BT 5 - Advertising Extensions: Yes

Bluetooth Mesh: Yes

2.4 GHz Capable: Yes

Sub-GHz Capable: Yes

Receive Sensitivity: -94.8 (1 Mbps 2 GFSK)

AES-128: Yes

AES-256: Yes

ECC: Yes

SHA-1: Yes

SHA-2: Yes

RSA-2048: No

I²C: 2

I²S: 2

SPI: 4



Dig I/O Pins: 46

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