The Z-Wave 700 Platform (Coming Soon)

Beyond Smart Home: Intelligent Home

Z-Wave 700 Platform: Unlocking Smart Home Potential

Over the past decade, the smart home market has evolved into a flourishing mainstream industry across the globe. Z-Wave technology has been the leader and driving force in that evolution.

What’s next? Thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the smart home can become context-aware through the use of sensors embedded throughout the home. When the smart home detects and knows how to react to changes and user preferences, it becomes intelligent. This calls for many new sensor data points, detecting subtle details such as motion, humidity, temperature, noise, flow, light and more. Sensor devices will be embedded in hard to reach places, with little access to power cables. These battery-powered applications, ubiquitous throughout the home, will unlock the context-aware potential of the smart home.

Z-Wave’s upcoming 700 platform has been designed to meet the demands of the smart sensor category, where both long range and low power consumption are critical, along with edge computing capabilities. Context-aware environments are the next evolution in the smart home market, and they will require technologies that have been optimized specifically for these applications.


  • Long Range, +100 M
  • Low Power Consumption
  • High Performance (ARM)
  • Smaller Products
  • Reference Code and Tools
  • Best-in-Class S2 Security
  • Guaranteed Interoperable
  • Backwards Compatible

Z-Wave 700: Breakthrough Features and Benefits

Long Range

The upcoming 700 platform features a sensitivity gain in the Z-Wave radio, which extends direct range and reduces hops. Point to point range has been increased to over 100 meters, and mesh range over 400 meters. This allows seamless coverage outdoor to the end of yards, and indoors across multiple stories.

Lowest Power Consumption

Z-Wave’s already market-leading power consumption has been reduced by 80% in the 700 platform. This remarkable efficiency, with fast wake-up and back to sleep-mode, opens the door to entirely new sensor applications. Battery powered sensors can now last for ten years using a single coin cell.

High Performance

The 700 platform makes latency a thing of the past, with fast, flexible, energy-efficient edge computation. Generous on-board memory and multiple sensor interfaces empower new features and products, and complex applications can be developed without the need for a co-processor.

Industry-Leading Security

Z-Wave features industry-leading S2 security, which encrypts end devices and eliminates network vulnerability during device inclusion. The high computing power of the 700 platform reduces the time for secure key exchange to less than one second.

New Products Made Easy

Certified reference designs and customizable frameworks for end devices and gateways, plus comprehensive development tools and the Z-Wave 700 certification program ensures minimum development costs and fastest time to market.

An Interoperable Ecosystem

A 700 certification program will ensure interoperability between all Z-Wave products and vendors, and backward compatibility with all existing products. Z-Wave 700 devices work seamlessly with the world’s largest ecosystem of interoperable smart products.


Unlimited Smart Home Potential

The business opportunities for fully intelligent homes extend well beyond the traditional smart home markets. The insurance, entertainment, energy and healthcare industries will be dramatically transformed by the sentient IoT. To realize the opportunities, new products must overcome the technical challenges of size, power consumption, range, security and ease of use, while also addressing costs and time to market. The Z-Wave 700 platform is the missing piece that enables the full potential of the intelligent IoT. New, secure devices can be made small enough to fit anywhere, with battery life of more than 10 years. Certified reference designs and development tools ensure products that are fast to market with low cost. And because Z-Wave 700 is secure, interoperable and backwards compatible, no product is ever left behind. Z-Wave’s 700 platform turns smart homes into intelligent homes.


Why Migrate to the Z-Wave 700 Platform

The Z-Wave 700 platform opens opportunities for new classes of sensors that weren’t possible before, while elevating the state of the industry in existing device categories. Today, the average US home already includes 6-10 smart devices. Z-Wave 700 creates a path for ubiquitous – and economical – sensing throughout smart home installations, making it possible and practical for deployments of dozens or even hundreds of Z-Wave devices per home. All while maintaining interoperability with the current installed base of millions of Z-Wave devices and gateways.

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