8-bit MCUs Training

You've got the building blocks needed to bring your designs to life with our EFM8™ 8051-based 8-bit MCUs. To help get you off and running even faster, we’ve collected the latest training, whitepapers, and other how-to content in one place. 

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Getting Started in MCU

1. MCU Solutions for IoT

This training module discusses features of EFM32 MCUs and EFM8 MCUs that makes them conducive to IoT development. In particular, it focuses on low energy and autonomous compatibility of EFM32 MCUs and high functionality and greater value of EFM8 MCUs. Additionally, it explains how Simplicity Studio helps and supports IoT development. 


Begginer  |. Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  |  Hardware Required: none  |  PDF  |  90 minutes

2. EFM8 MCU Family

An introduction to EFM8 family of MCUs focusing on performance, design, layout, tools, and individual product lines. This training module also provides information about integration with Simplicity Studio and lists starter kits.


Begginer  |. Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  |  Hardware Required: none  |  PDF  |  45 minutes

8-bit Training


The start of the 8-bit Training module that introduces the EFM8LB1 – Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) and various concepts related to it such as input selection, gain setting, reference option, clock selection, timing, trigger sources, track time calculation, low power feature, calibration, and configuration for auto-scan mode. The tutorial also includes software examples and additional resources to help developers get started with building applications with the ADC on EFM8LB1.


Begginer  |. Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  |  Hardware Required: none  |  PDF  |  45 minutes

2. EFM8LB1: Temp Sensor

An overview of temp sensor, production calibration and temperature calculation that will help users in developing applications using the temp sensor on EFM8LB1 while taking advantage of features such as accuracy and 2-points calibration.


Begginer  |. Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  |  Hardware Required: none  |  PDF  |  10 minutes


This tutorial describes how to use the Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) on EFM8LB1 by providing an overview of this feature and its general operation, including output voltage, data word, reference voltage, output pin and update trigger. Firmware examples such as DAC sine wave and function generators are also provided at the end of the tutorial. 

Begginer  |. Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  |  Hardware Required: none  |  PDF  |  15 minutes


The final installment in the 8-bit Training module which describes how to use the Configurable Logic Unit (CLU) on EFM8LB1. This training provides an overview of the CLU block, input multiplexer selection, output configuration, CLU configuration, and demos and software examples of CLU applications.

Intermediate  |  Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: 115xOPT-EXP-EVB  | PDF  |  1 hour

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