Amazon Sidewalk: Using Battery-Powered Sensors

Learn from our engineers how to use battery-powered sensors in an Amazon Sidewalk network, then get started developing your Sidewalk-enabled device.

About This Tech Talk

Amazon Sidewalk (open for developers soon) creates shared wireless networks connecting IoT devices at home and beyond. In this session, attendees will: 

  • Get an introduction to Amazon Sidewalk
  • Learn about the Amazon Sidewalk network and software structure
  • Explore the Amazon Sidewalk device architecture
  • Hear about battery-powered device case studies

You can view the accompanying slides and recorded session below.


Chad Steider

Senior Product Marketing Manager
Silicon Labs

Fritz Werder

Director of Business Development
Silicon Labs


40 Minute Presentation

20 Minute Q&A


Kickstart Your Amazon Sidewalk Development

Amazon Sidewalk is now open for developers! Join us for an exclusive session that will accelerate your IoT developer journey with Amazon Sidewalk.

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