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You want to get up and running with your Bluetooth applications as quickly as possible, and we're here to help. Check out this collection of resources we've put together to give you one-click access to the latest how-to information, tutorials, and training. 

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Getting Started with Bluetooth

1. Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals

An introduction to Bluetooth low energy technology, from architecture to layers, to the Generic Access Profile (GAP), Attribute Protocol (ATT), Generic Attribute Protocol (GATT), and security – all very important to get started with Silicon Labs’ Bluetooth technology and development environment.

Fundamentals  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: none  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

2. Getting Started with Silicon Labs Bluetooth Software

An overview of the Silicon Labs Bluetooth stack, SDK (Software Development Kit), and development tools for Wireless Geckos, including Simplicity Studio, IDE and Debugger, GATT Editor, Energy Profiler, and Bluetooth Developer Studio that will help users get started with software development.

Software  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

3. Bluetooth Development with Simplicity Studio

A step-by-step guide on Simplicity Studio’s IDE and value-added tools to help users get started with Bluetooth development, including installation and updates, demos and examples, and functionality in the launcher perspective.

Software  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: Getting Started with Silicon Labs Bluetooth Software  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

4. Bluetooth Developer's Guide

An essential reference material for users who develop C-based applications for the Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko products using the Silicon Labs Bluetooth stack, including stack architecture, application development flow, usage and limitations of the MCU core and peripherals, stack configuration options, and stack resource usage.

Software  |  Advanced  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Development with Simplicity Studio  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

5. Intro to Bluetooth - Hands-On Lab

  Bluetooth Smart Technology Introduction
  Getting Started with Silicon Labs Bluetooth SDK

A compilation of important use cases, which are demonstrated with sample applications, and important API commands, which are introduced while adding them to the sample applications. The basics can be learned by implementing a GATT server, and advanced skills can be acquired by implementing a GATT client.

Software  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth C Application Developer's Guide  | PDF
Requirements: Simplicity Studio with Bluetooth SDK 2.11.0 or later (recommended to use very latest version). WSTK with BGM/EFR32BG/EFR32MG radio board of choice.

6. Bluetooth 5 Training

A compilation of Bluetooth 5 training resources to introduce users to new features, uses cases, and applications. The tutorial package also includes the Bluetooth 5 lab manual, an example server, and an example client.

Bluetooth 5  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals |  Requirements: none  |  HTML

7. Bluetooth 5 - Hands-On Lab

  Bluetooth 5 Training Lab Manual

A quick guide to practical exercises that demonstrate how to use the Bluetooth 5 features that are supported in the BLE SDK 2.10 using the GCC compiler and SimplicityStudio IDE. These features include multiple advertisement sets, extended advertisements, and anonymous advertising. The lab manual highlights hardware and software requirements, software installation, project creation, and adding Bluetooth 5 features to an application to help users get started and be familiar with using Bluetooth 5.

Fundamentals  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: Intro to Bluetooth - Hands-On Lab, Bluetooth 5 Training | Requirements: Simplicity Studio with Bluetooth SDK 2.10.x or later (latest version recommended). Two WSTKs with EFR32MG13/BG13 radio boards.  |  PDF


1. Bluetooth Advertising Data Basics

A quick guide to introduce the concepts of Bluetooth advertising data and how the contents of Bluetooth advertising packets are formatted and decoded using two basic examples – Thermometer Example and SPP-over-BLE Example.

Fundamentals  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites:  Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals |  Requirements: none  |  HTML

2. Bluetooth Advertising using Manufacturer Specific Data

A tutorial that focuses primarily on one specific advertising type – Manufacturer Specific Data (type 0xFF), which can be used to add any custom data into advertising packets using any format that is suitable for various applications.

Fundamentals  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Advertising Data Basics  |  Requirements: none  |  HTML

3. Using Scan Request Reporting

A quick overview and usage of the Scan Request Reporting event that was introduced with the new BT5 Advertising APIs (SDK 2.3.x).

Fundamentals  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Advertising Data Basics   |  Requirements: none  |  HTML


1. Bootloading Fundamentals

An introduction to the fundamentals of bootloading for Silicon Labs networking devices, including the differences between Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader and the legacy Ember bootloaders, and the concepts, weaknesses, strengths, design, and implementation of both standalone and application bootloading.

Bootloading  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: none  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

2. Gecko Bootloader

A user’s guide to the high-level implementation of the Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader for EFR32 SoCs (System on Chips) and NCPs (Network Co-Processors), while providing information on different aspects of configuring the Gecko Bootloader.

Bootloading  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: Bootloading Fundamentals  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

3. Using the Gecko Bootloader with the Silicon Labs Bluetooth® Applications

A detailed tutorial that provides the necessary information on using the Silicon Labs Gecko Bootloader with Silicon Labs Bluetooth applications for OTA and UART DFU, including configurations, options, processes, preparations, error codes, and examples.

Bootloading  |  Advanced  |  Prerequisites: Gecko Bootloader  |  PDF
Requirements: Simplicity Studio with Bluetooth SDK 2.3.0 or later (recommended to use very latest version). WSTK with BGM/EFR32BG/EFR32MG radio board of choice.

Bluetooth Security

1. Bluetooth 4.2 Security Features in SDK 2.x

An overview of the Bluetooth Smart 4.2 security features that are used in Simplicity Studio Bluetooth Smart SDK v2.0.0 for Blue Gecko products. The tutorial uses the health thermometer sample application extended with MITM and BLE 4.2 secure connections.

Security  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Technology Fundamentals |  Requirements: WSTK with BGM/EFR32BG/EFR32MG radio board of choice  |  HTML

2. Bluetooth Security Introduction

  Bluetooth Security Features Labmanual
  Security Example Bin

A compilation of various resources that introduces the Bluetooth Security features, including the Bluetooth Security Features Labmanual and a folder of examples containing configurations, settings, header files, and c files.

Security  |  Beginner  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth 4.2 Security Featured in SDK 2.x  |  Requirements: WSTK with BRD4153A  |  PDF | 90 min

3. Pairing Processes

An overview of all the different forms of pairing processes to set up a secure connection between two devices, their authentication values, and the initiators, commands, and events that are involved for each.

Security  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth 4.2 Security Featured in SDK 2.x   |  Requirements: none  |  HTML


1. Using Bluetooth Stack in NCP Mode

An essential reference for everybody developing a system for the Silicon Labs Wireless Gecko products using the Silicon labs Bluetooth stack in NCP mode. The tutorial includes the C language development flow, the use of BGTool and Simplicity Studio, and controlling an EFR from a host using BGAPI and BGLIB integration into the host code.

NCP  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: Bluetooth Development with Simplicity Studio  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

2. Energy Profiler and Network Analyzer

A compilation of essential resources that demonstrate briefly the usage of the Energy Profiler and the Network Analyzer tools of Simplicity Studio v4 with Bluetooth SDK V2.0.0 or later. 

Tools  |  Intermediate  |  Prerequisites: UG343: Multi-Node Energy Profiler User's Guide  |  PDF
Requirements: Simplicity Studio with Bluetooth SDK 2.0.0 or later (recommended to use very latest version). WSTK with BGM/EFR32BG/EFR32MG radio board of choice.

3. Integrating Bluetooth Applications with Micrium RTOS

An overview of the system architecture and event-based communication between Micrium RTOS and the Bluetooth application, including user-defined tasks, command handling, application integration, and analyzing with µC/Probe.

Bluetooth+RTOS  |  Advanced  |  Prerequisites: none  |  Requirements: none  |  PDF

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