Designing Connected Wi-Fi 6 Sensors Using SiWx917 and Matter

Learn how to develop Wi-Fi 6 sensors using SiWx917, our Wi-Fi 6 plus Bluetooth LE 5.1 SoC, and Matter.

About This Tech Talk

This session features an introduction to Smart IOT sensors and their basic requirements. We cover SiWx917 key features like target wake time, Matter benefits, and ultra low power capabilities and review Sensor Hub and AI/ML advantages for designing sensors. Also included are example use cases which will showcase some of the Wi-Fi6 supported features with SiWx917 and Wi-Fi solutions offered by Silicon Labs that meet the demand for sensor devices.

You can view the accompanying slides and recorded session below.


 Abhilash Yarragolla Malavya

Senior Engineer
Silicon Labs


40 Minute Presentation

20 Minute Q&A

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