Getting Started with Amazon Sidewalk

Hear from our experts on what you need to know to start developing for Amazon Sidewalk.

About This Tech Talk

Due to popular demand, this session features our experts answering the most popular questions developers have about getting started with Amazon Sidewalk. 

Stay tuned for an upcoming exclusive webinar where we walk through the Amazon Sidewalk Developer Journey, unbox our Pro Kit for Amazon Sidewalk, and take you step-by-step through set up, from hardware unboxing to getting your project up and running in Simplicity Studio.

You can view the accompanying slides and recorded session below.


Fritz Werder

Director of Business Development

Silicon Labs

Julien Tiron

Applications Engineering Manager

Silicon Labs


30 Minute Presentation

15 Minute Q&A


Kickstart Your Amazon Sidewalk Development

Amazon Sidewalk is now open for developers! Join us for an exclusive session that will accelerate your IoT developer journey with Amazon Sidewalk.

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