Hardware Design with our Multiprotocol Wi-Fi SoCs & Modules

In this training, our engineers share how to design IoT devices with our new multiprotocol Wi-Fi module, which is a Wi-Fi 6 + Bluetooth LE 5.1 combo module.

About This Tech Talk

Silicon Labs offers a wide portfolio of Multiprotocol Wi-Fi SoCs and modules. The existing RS9116 product family comprises of single band QMS IC, B00 module as well as dual band CC0 and CC1 modules. All of these variants support Wi-Fi 4, BT classic and BLE protocols. The upcoming SiWx917M QMS IC is a single band IC which supports Wi-Fi 6 and BLE, and also suports SoC mode with integrated ARM® Cortex® M4 Processor. In this Tech Talk, we will be covering design guidelines that one should follow while using our devices. We will explain about the power supply design, RF matching, host interface design, certification process and more in the presentation. We also have extensive documentation available to support the design flow and have referenced them in the slides. Hoping this presentation will make it easier for you to design with our products.

You can view the accompanying slides and recorded session below.


Vikas Thukuntla

Engineering Manager - Product & Applications
Silicon Labs


40 Minute Presentation

20 Minute Q&A

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