How IoT Transforms Hospitals Into Operationally Aware Facilities

This webinar reviews IoT technologies in hospitals, and how real-time tracking provides actionable data enabling greater operational awareness and insight.


There is no room for faulty workflows on the frontlines of healthcare. IoT connectivity enables hospital managers to make well-versed decisions while streamlining previously unmanageable processes and minimizing human intervention.

IoT technologies in hospitals, including Real Time Location System (RTLS), Bluetooth Low Energy, and Angle of Arrival (AoA), enable real-time asset, patient, staff, and environmental condition tracking. The actionable data from this tracking provides greater operational awareness and insight. Join Silicon Labs and Borda Technology as they discuss the benefits of IoT wireless connectivity in hospital settings, including:

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce months of asset counting operations to a day.
  • Track and maximize the use of critical and available assets.
  • Reduce idle waiting time and increase operating theatre utilization by tracking end to end patient journey.
  • Minimize response time by re-designing staff workflows.
  • Maximize patients care, experience, and safety.


Dr. Burak Bardak
CTO, Borda Technology

Owen Troy
Sr. Segment Marketing Manager - Industrial & Commercial
Silicon Labs


45 Minute Presentation with 15 Minute Q&A

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