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SEC-102: Enforced Regulations Will Demand a Security Warranty on IoT Devices


Security regulations highlighted in prior sessions have illustrated a legal requirement that only secure and authenticated code should run IoT devices. The use of secure boot, secure identity and the securing of debug ports allow vendors to provide customers with a security warranty that provides protection against malicious code as well as the provision of product software updates that protect against vulnerabilities after deployment.

This session explores the needs and benefits of IoT device attestation and the implications of a security warranty. We also look at the custom programming services and long-term Software Development Kit (SDK) support services offered to assist customers in meeting these requirements.


45 Minutes




Isaac Sanchez

Global Sales Enablement Manager, Training
Silicon Labs


Michael Dow

Sr. Product Manager - IoT Security
Silicon Labs

Brent Wilson

Sr. Mgr Security Apps
Silicon Labs

Steve Egerter

Senior Applications Engineer
Silicon Labs

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