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LPW-201: How to Develop IoT Applications with Proprietary Wireless


Standards-based wireless protocols by-and-large offer an easier-to-implement option but sometimes they don’t necessarily offer the best, fine-tuned solution for your specific application. While a proprietary protocol solution is more likely to offer the optimum solution required, it will cost more in terms of development and implementation. In this session, you can learn how to develop IoT applications with proprietary wireless.

We discuss the anatomy of proprietary wireless, its key benefits, and drawbacks. We provide tips for informed decision-making when it comes to choosing between a proprietary-based solution or standards-based solution for your application. We take a look at how to develop a proprietary IoT application and how to develop a custom PHY (Radio) that is optimized (range, data rate, power consumption etc.) for your application – giving a lowdown on the best tools available for developers to customize and configure the PHY/Radio.


45 Minutes

LPW-201: How to Develop IoT Applications with Proprietary Wireless




Ashley Pope

Director of Operations


Andras Gnandt

Product Manager - Proprietary Wireless
Silicon Labs

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