MED-PNL: IoT is Changing Healthcare

Discover how the IoT is transforming healthcare as we unearth the opportunities, challenges, and future trends.


The pandemic has offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way we think about remote healthcare. Telemedicine, remote monitoring through consumer wearables, and the aggregation of data through connected devices have all changed how patients can receive care, how doctors provide care, and how public health agencies monitor their populations.

But we can't simply bring medical technology to healthcare, the tech industry must adapt to a population that isn't always interested in early adoption. This is a sector where transparency and reliability matter more than the latest feature, and where a morass of rules and regulations govern what gets adopted and by whom.

Together, we contemplate how the Internet of Medical Things aims to change the healthcare industry and how tech companies will have to adapt to the needs of doctors, patients, and public health agencies.

Interested in learning more about the Internet of Medical Things? Tune in to our medical session; MED-101: Security in Remote Patient Monitoring Devices.


1 Hour Presentation


Stacey Higginbotham



Jennifer Radin, PhD, MPH

Scripps Research Translational Institute

Dr. Dave Clarke

University of Texas, Austin, Dell Medical School

Jan Niewiadomski

Sr. Director of Systems Architecture
Intelligent Product Solutions

Brian Blum

Segment Marketing Manager - Portable Medical
Silicon Labs

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