MED-101: Security in Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

Learn how to stay on the safe side of wireless healthcare.


Digital healthcare has evolved in the past two years thanks to the broad adoption of wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth, that enable remote patient monitoring.

But as Bluetooth fast becomes the de-facto communication standard, the technical requirements for security and data privacy are rapidly increasing. End-user data privacy is a fundamental of healthcare and sadly the medical industry is a key target for criminal cyber organizations, who wreak havoc through techniques including ransomware. Such security threats can risk dialing back progress and hindering consumer buy-in.

Silicon Labs works very closely with various standard bodies who are tasked with developing a protection profile for connected medical devices.

Watch this session to gain a solid perspective of the most common attacks, and how Silicon Labs’ EFR32 platform can help defeat them using its latest embedded security hardware and software features. We are joined here by Jan Niewiadomski, Senior Director of Systems Architecture at Intelligent Product Solutions, a company where he specializes in product design for IoT and medical devices.

Interested in learning more about how IoT is changing Healthcare? Watch our recent expert panel: MED-PNL: IoT is Changing Healthcare.


45 Minute Presentation


Janani Ram

Segment Marketing Manager
Silicon Labs


Brian Blum

Segment Marketing Manager -Portable Medical
Silicon Labs

Jan Niewiadomski

Sr. Director of Systems Architecture
Intelligent Product Solutions

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