Curriculum (Series)

Security 103 - PSA Crypto

This training gives an overview of the platform security architecture (PSA) and goes into topics such as PSA Implementation, Funcitional APIs, the Crypto API and ceritifcation. We then discuss Silicon Labs' PSA Crypto implementation.


The Silicon Labs wireless SoC family EFR32 added new security capabilities in the Series 2 family of devices (EFR32xG2x). This training module helps customers understand how they can utilize these features. The lessons start with a general introduction to the concepts and finish with specific use cases for Secure Boot with Root of Trust Secure Loader (RTSL) and Secure Debug Lock/Unlock. 

Knowledge Level




Lab Procedures

PSA Crypto Lab

Hardware Requirements

EFR32xG21B Radio Board

Wireless Starter Kit

Software Requirement

Simplicity Studio v5

Gecko SDK 3.2.0

Terminal Program for UART Communication



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