WMBUS Sample Applications


This is the final topic under the Sample Applications Review – RAIL course, make sure you check out the other sample applications, from Simple Sample Applications to RAILTest Application.


This document will introduce the applications WMBus Meter and Collector of Flex SDK as documented in detail in AN1119: Using RAIL for Wireless M-Bus Applications with EFR32. The provided example application pair implements a very basic meter-collector interaction.


The meter periodically sends synchronous SND-NR messages with some hardcoded value with mode 5 security. While waiting, it sleeps in EM2 in idle or EM1 if the main oscillator is required for scheduling or Rx mode. By default, the meter is configured for limited access mode (short receive window after transmission), but it does not handle any received packets, it is just implemented to demonstrate the scheduling required for an application.

Please make sure to update the following line for the mode you configured in the radio configurator:


The collector prints the received packet on serial terminal, with some information (like the first block) detailed. If the packet is EN13757-3 compatible with the short header, it also decodes mode5 security if required.

Once the meter and collector are running, the collector should print messages like this to the serial terminal:

A Wireless M-Bus sniffer can also be used. In that case, the default crypto key used by the application is:

For unencrypted packets, RAILTest can also be used as a sniffer with the right meter to another device to receive configuration.

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