Sensors Training

Our diverse sensor products offer the right combination of size, performance, integration, and ease of use. To help you get started with your sensor-based IoT designs, we’ve gathered our most relevant trainings, resources, and how-to content for one-click access. 

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Sensors Training Curriculum

1. Silicon Labs Sensor Market, Application, and Solution Overview

A quick overview of the sensor product targeted marketing, including a presentation of a wide range of sensors, uses and applications, sensor strategies and specifications, demos and case studies, and the solutions to address various sensor problems.

Beginner  |  Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  |  PDF  |  1 hour

2. Relative Humidity & Temperature Sensors Onboard Training

A presentation that introduces Relative Humidity & Temperature (RHT) sensors, including a comprehensive product overview, product applications, value proposition, functional description, design challenges, handling requirements, product portfolio, and tools.

Beginner  |  Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: none  | PDF  |  1 hour

3. Hall Effect Magnetic Position Sensor Onboard Training

A presentation that introduces Hall Effect Magnetic sensors, including product applications, part numbers and documentations, hall effect fundamentals, design challenges, key differentiators, product demonstration, and key specifications, and ordering options.

Beginner  |  Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: Si72xx-WD-Kit  | PDF  |  1 hour

4. Optical Sensor Onboard Training

A presentation of 2 optical sensors: Proximity and UV, that introduces both sensors’ applications, operation fundamentals, implementation details, product demonstration, relevant resources, and answers to frequently asked questions.

Beginner  |  Pre-requisites: none  |  Lab SW/HW: 115xOPT-EXP-EVB  | PDF  |  1 hour

5. Optical Sensors Applications Training

A step-by-step guide to achieving long range proximity in optical sensor applications, including a long range PROX demo, an activity detection demo, gesture recognition, UV sensor design challenges, and UV system calibration for optimum accuracy.

Advanced  |  Pre-requisites: Optical Sensor General Training  |  Lab SW/HW: 115xOPT-EXP-EVB |  PDF  |  1 hour

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