Wireless Opportunities for Smart Cities and Buildings – Works With 2023

The Works With 2023 Wireless Opportunities for Smart Cities and Buildings panel reviews the benefits of wireless infrastructure and utilization insights.

About This Keynote

Today’s cities and commercial buildings are equipped with a range of automation equipment, from automated street lighting and utilities to lighting control, window shading, and more. In this panel, we touch on some of the obvious benefits of wireless infrastructure like easier installation and configuration. We also discuss how the amount of documentation required can be more manageable, the robust and customizable security of RF networks, and how insight into utilization can create more efficient, more comfortable smart cities and buildings.


Phil Beecher 
President and CEO Wi-SUN Alliance

Youssef Kamel 
SVP, Smart Tracking and Smart Building Wirepas

Abhijit Grewal 
Senior Marketing Director - Smart Cities
Silicon Labs

Mark Beecham 
Staff Product Marketing Manager, Wireless
Silicon Labs


Edward Wilford 
Sr. Principal Analyst for IoT Hardware
Informa Tech


46 Minutes

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